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Memeland is a Community Company.

Everything we do, we do it for our community and with our community.
For $MEME marketing, we don't rely on influencers; we rely on our community.

People love free shit (coin), but there is no free lunch.
That's why we need to FARM! That's why we need FARMERS! That's why we are launching FARMING!
Ready to do some honest work?

1. Raise the awareness about $MEME
2. Reward our community members in $MEME
3. Recruit new community members via $MEME
4. Have fun!

• Anyone and everyone can be a FARMER
• MVP, Captainz, Potatoz holders can also be a REFERRER

1. Add "📷 Memecoin" to your Twitter/X username
2. Change your Twitter/X banner to one of the $MEME banners below
3. Register on the FARMING dashboard (Soon)
4. Complete the simple daily tasks (Soon)
5. Collect MEME POINTS (Soon)
6. Harvest! (Soon)

We will be announcing more details this week. Stay tuned!
FARMING gives you FT (free tokens), and you don't need to buy any keys. 📷

P.S: Quest will be updated as more steps are announced, Watch out 👀

3 Tasks

404 questers

35 XP

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Add "♥️ Memecoin" to your Twitter/X username

15 XP

Start Farming on MEMELAND Dashboard

5 XP

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Tip: Did you know you can earn more XP by completing other quests in this project

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